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The heat from the long not well organized congestion caught lots of attention from passersby, on blares from every vehicle that moves became unhealthy as it pollute the calmness of the very near neighborhood, curiosity stirs the balance of the atmosphere as what would have caused this excess and unusual traffic.

“Won ja ni waju ni (there’s a fight upfront)” some people exclaimed in Yoruba language, one of our ground reporters who was present at the event was able to get the attention of one cab driver present at the place of the pandemonium, and here’s the man narration of the uproar “the conflict started around 5:00 P.M at Sanrab bus-stop, when a bike-man crashed in with a taxi driver and broke the headlamp of the man’s taxi, misunderstanding birthed out from both parties which led to further disagreements and create a total road obstruction, as brothers to the taxi drivers, korope drivers had to intervene, which the man who’s head of the korope drivers association approached both the bikeman and the taxi driver in order to settle the case amicably yet, all effort became futile as the case just got worsen.

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A policeman who was around also came in trying to pour calm waters to the fight, but to utmost surprise he picked sides with the bike man who was also an hausa man despite the glaring evidence that he’s tribe man was to blame for the genesis of the event.

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The policeman got furious to the extent of beating up the chaiman of the korope drivers, the other korope drivers who were now present in mass at the junction upon seeing their chairman got beaten up, got angry and rallied behind their boss to shield him and also in return overpower the policeman, who was only saved by the sound that came from his pistol which went on for a while to chase back the mob beating which gave him room to disappear from the scene.

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The chairman told some of the drivers to return to their works while the rest of them followed the chairman to the police station to report the incidence.”
Then decorum and serenity gradually returned.

Tijani Abdul Qadir ZainulAbideen

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